Israelis killing palestinians … e/ShowFull
Israelis killing palestinians
Including children
Go israel!

addy, I bet they are targetting civilians…

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Jpost is a liberal rag
it is written by a bunch of self hating jews

lol no it isn’t

Stranger, trust me, I know a self hating jew when I read an article :slight_smile:

the entire paper is certainly not that

Army Radio reported that the three were apparently trying to reach a bomb planted along the fence.
There you go addy
Stranger, most of it is

The war between Israel and the supposed terror group Hezbollah have already claimed hundreds of innocent civilian lives, including women and children. Israel as the more modern and powerful war machine between the antagonists should determine whether their targets are legitimate and that civilians are out of harms way before they proceed unleashing their missiles. Hezbollah on the other hand should not use women and children as human shields for they have nothing to do with this conflict. For the greater good of all the parties involved, both sides through the intervention of the united Nations should end this crisis by putting down their weapons and discussing it diplomatically.

they should stop the violence and sit down, talk things over and agree to settle the crisis through diplomatic means. It is important that they end this war because the ones who really bear the brunt of the violence are the women and children who get caught in the crossfire.