IS ORAL SEX VEGAN? :slight_smile:
Oral sex is vegan even though it may involve putting flesh in your mouth, as it shouldn’t really involve any cruelty or exploitation, and said flesh is taken out again eventually and returned to its rightful owner. If you decide to swallow any bodily liquids, well, once again, no one else has suffered to provide them, so it’s up to you…

Is sex with an animal vegan, though?

I suppose not.
Or should I say it depends who is using who.
:3some: :laughing6:

Didn’t think about this. :slight_smile:
And I can’t think about this seriously.
If you truly love the animal and he/she doesn’t suffer… :laughing:

no way - oral yes. sex mwith animals - not

Well, since we don’t consume any animal products, and omnivore guys…umm…“stuff” is made from the energy they got eating meat, then I would say it was vegan if the guy was vegan, or if the guy wore a vegan condom.

Oral sex is vegan, it’s consensual, you’re not consuming anything (unless you swallow or even allow a guy to cum in your mouth).

As for animal sex with human, no, never vegan or moral.

This topic caught my attention… I have never thought that oral sex would be vegan…

As for

I was quite shock that this may happen, but as they say, as long as the animal was not hurt, this will be vegan :smiley: