Implement the Carnegie Principles in Every Interaction

Finally, please try to use the Carnegie principles in every interaction you have: Dress nicely, be respectful, have a conversation and not a dictation, never lose your cool, and never be rude. These things hurt animals. When you fail to be as positive and constructive as possible, you fail to help animals. It is always good to listen to and affirm people, to ask questions, and then to really listen to the answers, bringing the discussion back to the things that they already believe and how the case for compassion connects with those things.

I’ve found that when someone responds to my “Ask me why I’m vegan” button or T-shirt, asking them, “Have you ever thought about why you eat meat?” is a very effective method of beginning the conversation. It takes people aback and focuses attention on them, which is always good. Furthermore, it’s the more legitimate question. Why are people eating the corpses of tortured animals? What is it about that that they can’t give up? Because on some level, everyone knows that animals are treated badly, and most people know that animal flesh is not good for them. So asking people questions and really listening to what it is that they say in response is a very effective conversational tactic. If you make them feel heard, they are more likely to listen to you in return.