If a child refuses to eat fruit or veg

If a child refuses to eat fruit or veg, then it’s best not to serve them again

False - It’s better to show children a new food a few times before you give it to them to try. Offer new food to children as often as possible. If they refuse the food, wait a few days then try again. Fruit and vegetables (fresh, frozen, canned, dried or a daily glass of juice) are an important part of a healthy balanced diet for both children and adults.

If a child seems reluctant to eat certain fruit and vegetables, try different types instead, or mix them with foods they already like such as yoghurt, rice or mashed potato. You could also encourage children to help prepare new foods - research suggests they will be more likely to try them. Try not to get into confrontations about food because this will make matters worse. Instead, try to offer your child a variety of foods.

yes, your right! Children must eat fruit and vegetables because it important for their growth. Parents must be creative enough to prepare foods that are less boring so their child can eat them.

It is a horrible idea to never have them available to try again! That sends the message that they are actually yucky and not very fun to eat. I really credit my mother for my love of veggies. I didn’t like them as a kid very much, but she always had them. At every meal. Always. She never forced me to eat them, but she would eat them herself. By leading through example, I slowly started trying new types available. Now that I’m older, it is rare that I find a vegetable I don’t like. This made my switch to veganism a snap. Thanks mom! <3

I trully agree with you fishy and happy jane… My father did that also… (i did not grew up with my mom) And if we will stop serving our kids fruits and veggies, they might think that it is right not to eat one…