I made an inspirational fur protest video




This video has been removed from YOUTUBE due to terms of use violation.
What is it about?

Jesus! I’ve just watched it! The google link is still working.
And I though that the eye eating Kromags in the Sliders TV Series are bad :laughing:
Now how do you make a meat eater watch it without him hating you after this?

Scary movie…

Wow :astonished: I’ve seen a few still photos, but never some of those clips! :blush:

Have you had any joy distributing this video? And did you write the song?

Sadly… Most of the flesh eaters hate when you show them things like this… no wonder it was banned on youtube…
It is quite a difficult task to make movies pleasant and at the same time show the vegan point of view.
And the sadest thing is that this is a documentary and people a scared of it and yet they continue to wear fur and eat flesh. :frowning:

Here is a nice pro vegan movie, that can be safely shown to friends and relatives :slight_smile:


super muvies … first are scarye … second nice

Great. . . . now I’m gonna have nightmares again.