How we became a vegan/vegetarian.

I do know that there are other posts on this same topic, but since I am new here - and want to share my vegetarian/vegan experience - I thought it would be fit to write this in the New Members forum.

I was actually 9 yrs. old when I decided to become a vegetarian. Ever since I was little I would surf the internet for whatever popped into my head that day, and it all started when I researched vegetarianism. I learned what it was, how it was done, and even read about factory farms - which made me sick, let me tell you. After that day I couldn’t get those internet pages out of my head. It was all I thought about, day and night, and about a week later I decided that I needed to become a vegetarian.

I explained the situation to my parents and surprisingly they were okay with the idea. :smiley: I was a vegetarian for the next four years and then I began to think about where the milk, cheese and eggs came from. The past couple of years I justified eating dairy and eggs by telling myself that the animals didn’t get killed for those products. Deep down, though, I knew the truth. Later that year I became a vegan and I have been one ever since.

Well…that my story! :slight_smile: Annnd I am hoping to learn alot in these forums! Thanks for reading… ~Angie

Hey angie!

Cool story! :slight_smile: You sound really compassionate…and intelligent to look up that stuff when you were so young! Thanks for sharing your story :slight_smile: luna~