How to ruin fur

what if someone who cared very much for animals worked in a high end retail store that has recently started to carry fur clothing and products? What if this someone wanted to teach this store a lesson in selling murder and torture for vanity? How would this someone go about ruining this fur while being discreet? Suggestions?

In my opinion, this someone should control her temper… Ruining the fur is not the nicest way to teach some murderer their lesson…


Lunatic fringe tactics like the above only hurts animal rights community. It makes us all look bad.

Correct! We should not lower our levels just to punish these people…Let their karma come… :wink:

It’ll come back to you, they’ll then associate vandalism with veganism.

Why are there people who are not contented with cotton??? I hate it when i see huge coat that is made of fur and hearing the owner where does it came from and it is made of this and caught by that… grrrr… those facionista