How to obtain vegan makeup in Melbourne (VIC, AUSTRALIA)

I used to get all my cosmetics from a local vegan woman who made her own little line - unfortunately she has passed and these products are obviously no longer available.
After an extensive search I have found it impossible to find any store that stocks a decent array of vegan makeup brands, or a respectable online brand that will actually ship to my country.

If anybody could provide me with information regarding a store in Victoria that would cater to my needs (I’m willing to travel, however would like to avoid the regional areas of North Victoria as I am situated in the south) or alternatively a 100% certified vegan and cruelty free online brand that provides shipping options to Australia. Somewhere that is a little more cost-effective would also be fantastic.

I am looking for a liquid foundation, concealer with a brush sponge (not a lipstick or one that functions like a twist-up crayon), a finishing powder, a mascara and a pallet of natural/earth eyeshadow colours (grey, brown, tan, gold).

I have a very fair skin tone so I’m looking for pale child products :slight_smile:


I am only interested in brands that are entirely vegan, not that sell some vegan products (not in favour of providing revenue to continue the use of lanolin, beeswax, etc in other products in the range).

I am also not interested in vegan hate responses. Go take your snotty, childish attitudes elsewhere :3

Any comprehensive answers would be greatly appreciated!

I know of an amazing company that provides vegan certified products for health and wellness as well as a full cosmetic line and a full skin care line. I use the products and I can tell you they are absolutely fantastic, I refuse to even travel with out them. Send me an e-mail at philnuding@gmail and I’ll let you know how you can get the products shipped to Australia. I’d list the name here but because its my first post the system wont let me. So just PM or e-mail me and I’ll give you the link.