How to increase calories?

Hi all, I’m new here and hoping I post my question in the right place!
How many calories should a vegan (thats going from an overweight vegetarian) eat in a day to loose weight? And how to get those calories when eating mostly raw?
I’ve been eating mostly raw (except for 1 small small bowl of soup, beans etc for dinner) since 1/1 and I’m only getting maybe 700 calories a day and not loosing any weight yet.
Any suggestions? Thanks.

Whether you are just naturally scraggy, or have suffered associate wellness and have lost a substantial quantity of weight, increasing your caloric intake is usually prescribed as a treatment. Increasing the amount of calories you consume day by day is probably going a distant concept to many, as weight loss is usually the popular topic in relevance calories. Consulting your doctor or a specialize r is that the best way to increase your calories to fit your specific scenario. Following some basic tips will help get you started.

Step one Increase your intake of fats to raise calorie totals the quickest. One gram of fat contains nine calories, whereas one gram each of carbohydrates and super-molecule only contains four, according to the Nutrient-Strategy website.

Step 2 Eat larger portion sizes once you consume meals. Increasing the number you gnaw at meal times will inevitably offer you a lot of calories throughout the day.

Step three Consume food and beverages that are higher in calories than what you sometimes eat. Drink whole milk rather than 2 percent or skim, eat cream-based soups instead of broth, and include creamy dressings and sauces with entrees and salads.

Step four Add powdered milk to mashed potatoes, macaroni and different casseroles to increase calorie content, says the UCSF center.

Step five Drink high-calorie super-molecule shakes for a fast way to add calories. opt for powders that bodybuilders would generally use to realize weight and augment water, juice or milk. also drink milkshakes containing frozen dessert, spread and chocolate sauce for countless additional calories.

Step half-dozen Eat a lot of meat, beans and lentils, and fry foods with additional oil whenever attainable, advises Ohio State University center. beef typically has a lot of fat than chicken or fish, which can offer you a lot of calories.