How not to starve during road trip? :)

Hi I’m new here, vegan for only a month. I’m doing really well, really enjoy cooking vegan meals (extra spicy :slight_smile: and sharing them with friends. I have a question, what are the best and nutritious “packaged” vegan foods that I can take with me on a road trip? Most restaurants have meat even in their salads, not to mention soups… I can’t survive on veggies alone, any advice? Thanks in advance!

Toronto, Canada


For the first days take some veg sandwiches, fruits and nuts with you in a cooler. I usually buy some tomatoes and avocado and fix some salad in few minutes right in the park, it is easy as I carry some light tools with me on trips.
However I believe in your country there are lot of veg friendly places. Even if a restaurant does not have a veg option- ask them to make one; people are glad to perform and serve. If you see that you cannot fully trust what they will include in the dish, say that you have an allergy, they would take it seriously as this can later involve courts if they mess up.

Nice trip!

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Here, in North America, especially when leaving Canada and driving through U.S., it’s mostly horribly unhealthy restaurants, trying to find something without animal products is like looking for a needle in a haystack… I usually bring food with me.

Are there any Vegan energy bars out there anyone here can recommend?