How long are you supposed to wait to dye hair again??

6 weeks??
comments would be great thanks.

Why dye it at all? :wink:
I personally love natural hair.

You are obviously not grey yet, Andy!

(Oops, I shouldn’t have admitted to that… :slight_smile:)

Well, actually I had grey hair… and I even have some… :slight_smile:
Regarding dying hair, my girlfriend uses henna to strengthen and color the hair. I remember my mother also used henna. Once in 2 weeks I think… or even 2 months I don’t remember but it wasn’t too often.

Where does your girlfriend buy Henna? And do they have a mail order site?! :laughing: I used to use it (my hair was bright red! :smiley: ) but I haven’t seen any for sale in a long time… :frowning: The Body Shop seem to have stopped selling it since they were taken over by L’Oreal :confused:

I bleached my hair last year (hence the ‘Cornish Blonde’ avatar :wink: ) and it went really horrible and dry :cry: It’s dark and very long again now 8)

I was always told to leave six weeks between colouring, I think that’s the longest you can go without your roots showing :unamused: But you also need to use a harsh shampoo (to remove colour residue, which can build up) and then an intensive conditioner… There is a strong arguement for just shaving your head :laughing:

We have an open market here something like a bazaar, there are lots of things there. But henna is quite common here i believe.

If you are really interested in buying henna her is what I found :slight_smile:

Ooh! thanks :slight_smile: The person in the review got her Henna from Lush, and there happens to be a branch of Lush in a nearby town! I had no idea Lush sold henna - they keep a few blocks on a high shelf, right at the back of the shop :confused: They also mail order now :smiley:

The problem with our current [superficial] economic prosperity, is that markets have declined :frowning: Certainly in this area - there’s always good markets in London, and the north of the country :wink:

If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn’t advise touching the roots until at least about 5 days or more. In the mean time, moisturize really good, maybe even a cholesterol or hot oil treatment. You can cover the roots with a temporary root coverup stick from any beauty supply stores and it only costs about a few bucks, so it would be worth it not to get a chemical burn or dry out your hair. Always remember, new growth starts at the the hair follicles and roots near the scalp, so take care of your roots and scalp. Good luck!!! :wink:

The only dangers of doing it too often are the damage they can do to your hair. If you are going blonde, only use it once a month, and ONLY on the new growth. Blonde hair dyes do the most damage, so you will not want to put it all over your head everytime you use it. My mom used to dye her hair every 4-6weeks, and avoid the hair dye touches the scalp because it can cause you having these “hot roots” or lines of demarkation as for is it dangerous to your health.

Anyways, most women reach for hair dye only when they begin to see grey hair. There’s no escaping the fact that grey hair makes us look older so it’s understandable why we want to cover it up.

I dye my hair with henna that I get from Maison Kenzi on the internet. You can also check out if you have questions, but henna is completely safe. In fact it makes your hair less tangly, more volumized and shiny. Also, it is totally natural. I love it so I can answer all of your questions.
Also, if you are eating a healthy diet of raw vegan foods, you will always look good!
Good Luck!

if you use henna to dye your hair…it is not that long to wait
i think you can use henna probably ok for once a weeks…
i use to do that once a week to…
henna helps to get shiny our hair…!

body care

I agree for having natural look of hairs and they kept changing according to our age that also looks nice on us…!!

It is nice of you to say so, Irahat :slight_smile: But when I started to go grey (age 22) men only pointed and laughed at me :wink: A little grey hair is nice on women over 40 perhaps… Would you honestly ask a girl with grey hair out on a date?

I would imagine you redye it when it starts to fade…

henna is very much recommended, it lasted long… i do dying to my grandfather using henna and we dye his hair every month because his hair grow fast…

I also agree on having the natural color of your hair. Because dyeing it only makes it dry.

Yes, I’m Planning my hair to re dye aain. Because it looks annoying every time I saw my hair.

Approximately 15 -20 days