How do I get my girlfriend to stop being vegan?

Okay, so I am vegan, and my girlfriend is vegan, but I’m sick of it, sooo boring. As you probably can tell, I don’t want to be vegan anymore, and I’m having a hard time convincing my girlfriend not to be vegan too, so we can eat out at delicious unvegan restaurants. Anybody have any tips?

Not sure why you’re looking for help on a vegan forum… wouldn’t the population here generally be pro-veganism?

Why were you a vegan to begin with? Ethics, health, etc?

I recommend getting a new girlfriend. She’s too good for you. Don’t try to make her change just because you don’t want to be vegan.


Your problem really made me smile. Asking for help in a pro vegan site? I think you should try to understand your girl. That isn’t a big deal. If you really love her then it doesn’t matter if she’s a vegan or not.

I am also curious as to why you became vegan in the first place, or if you really are vegan at all. My sixth sense tells me (with your one whole post as proof) that you just came here to rial things up, and see if people would get angry. This would then fit your confirmation bias of vegans being angry/judgmental people.

I hope you are not disappointed.

You should not become unvegan because vegan is superior way to be. If vegan believed in one animal better than other (like unvegan) then vegan animal is better than unvegan animal because vegan animal is much more aware and helpful to mother and unvegan animal simply does what want and rapes and pillages mother. Therefore you should be vegan and stay like it forever because you will be better and not sinful like people which eat meats and products of animal. As they say in movies, “repent sinner!” (I joke here, but should take advice).

You can’t change another person. Each of you should feel free to be yourselves. You can still go out to eat together. And maybe some new vegan cookbooks would help your outlook on veganism.

Maybe she needs to find a new boyfriend.

I don’t know how long you have been a Vegan, but if you remember, it took you a while for your body to adjust to the Vegan Diet. It will be even harder on your body when going back to meat and dairy.

hes trying to get people riled up… what a lowlife.

hahahahahaha!!! this is great!!! either that, or stop forcing her to not be compassionate just because you’re “sick of it”

I like how all of the trolls get lots of replies but my thread doesn’t. :cry:

Oh wait, this was made a year ago. Ha. Not so many replies after all. :laughing:

oh man does your girl need to get rid of you if you want to try to change her life just to make yours easier.

I agree with this.