Just wanted to say hello

I am sorry I think I put my message In the wrong forum I meant to put It In the new members section guess I should pay closer attention sorry about that.

Not a problem. :wink:

Hi Elaine!
No need to apologise! Everyone’s country/government does stuff they don’t agree with (Iraq war, ahem…) I think it’s great that you’re doing something positive :smiley: Good luck with going veggie 8) Calgary looks cold: are there a lot of vegetarians round there? Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Hey Elaine!
Welcome to VegTalk forums! :slight_smile:


Thank you, oh man this veg stuff Is hard theres vegetarians all over the place In this city Calgary Is cold please send the snow away my petition Is going slow but I’ll get there.
Thanks for taking an Interest

Thanks AndyBa

Sorry, can’t do that right now. But the global warming is coming anyway! :smiley:

LOL :laughing: It’s snowing over there? :astonished: We didn’t get any snow this year :cry: and it was 29degC in the office yesterday 8) Just thought I’ld share that :smiley:

Ok well the other day there was snow but we have sunshine today here In Calgary.
have a great Easter

Hi Elaine1234
Welcome to Vegan talk forums! :slight_smile: