Hi there


I’ve just joined the forum and wanted to say hi.

I recently stopped eating meat, and looking at whether removing things like eggs as well for my diet.
Doing a ton of research, but sounds nice to be part of a community for support.

Feel free to contact me with any questions - I’ve done tons of research on health benefits.


As an animal product consumer who has eaten meat all his life and never had a bad illness, I can’t say that I would put too much stock in somthing that is against meat.

Meaty, how old are you?
Just currious.

Welcome to forum.

Why did you stop eating nonveg? :confused:

I am new on this forum. I will try my best to share all the knowledge I have. Thank you.

Meaty has got to be the worst vegetarian ever. He should be removed from this forum for having a dissenting opinion.

Welcome everybody,

Its great if you are having or preferring vegetarian food as compare to non-veg. But don’t avoid non-veg completely, keep having it once in a month.