Hi everyone


Just realised I have posting away like crazy on here without even intoducing myself. I’m redsunflower because…I love red sunflowers and grow some every year in my garden. I also like the red bit 'cos I have some socialist beliefs.

Anyway, I’m here and I’m really enjoying this site. I’ve been vegetarian for years and have recently felt I can’t justify eating or using any animal products. However, I’m finding it really hard and keep messing up, usually when I’m eating out. A huge part of my problem is just eating what I’m given and being unable to get other people to take me seriously. I know this is about confidence and giving good, clear, strong reasons for my choices so I’m here to try and learn. I want to make veganism fit into my life in a way that works.

I love making all kinds of music. I love animals and aspire to be an activist (love the ALF). I like talking politics, listening to music, watching movies and riding my bike. I love cooking vegan food.

If anyone wants to pm me please feel free. I don’t know a single vegan and am looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and discussing stuff. Like…are chips really the only fast, quick food available after a night out? :smiley:

Look forward to meeting you.