About two months ago I went vegetarian, and a month ago I went vegan, and I’ve never felt better. I’ve lost 31 pounds (still a long ways to go!) and I have sooo much more energy during the day. That being said, I want to make sure that I’m doing it properly, nutrition wise, to ensure its sustainable long term.

I found this “Vegan Food Pyramid” and I plan on following it as best I can, but I’m wondering if anyone wouldn’t mind taking the time to explain it to me, section by section. What am I getting from each one? Some are obvious like calcium from the dairy etc, but if anyone knowledgeable about nutrition can explain to me section by section why I need more or less of it and what they do for me, it would really help to keep me on track. Thanks!!! :flower:

um… I apparently am not allowed to have outside links in my messages, since VegTalk just shot me down… haha. But to see the pyramid I am asking about, google image search “vegan food pyramid” and its the one with the beach-y background.

There’s a helpful video on YouTube called “Vegan Food Pyramid - Explained”. Below is the link. I hope this helps! D

The key is a whole foods, plant based diet. Eating a symphony of foods will provide all the nutrition you require. When you focus on this or that particular nutrient, you loose site of the whole picture. Eat, enjoy, keep the salt, sugar and fat to a minimum, and you’ll be fine!