I am new to this forum. I’m 33 and live in Jersey. I am not a vegetarian, but do eat a few vegetarian meals a week. My only problem with going full vegetarian are my exercise habits. I need a lot of protein for what I am trying to accomplish. I have bought a few books on vegetarianism and its health benefits. I would like to one day become one, but it just may take awhile. I also get hassled by friends and family about being a veg. I know the health benefits of being one and I also love tofu.

If anybody has any advice for me, I would love it. Just how people became a veg. and what people eat on a daily basis would be helpful to me. I figured, by joining this forum, it would help me out.

Thanks to all.


P.S. I found this site from reading about vegetarianism online. I think through vegnews.org.


Hi Jitters! Welcome!

I do a lot of training too: kickboxing and trying to do a few weights and running to get in shape… I’m an ex-carb-junkie, and seem to need a fair amount of protein. Though I haven’t been vegan that long, and I’m still learning :slight_smile: I’ve been doing a little research on how much protein a person needs - different sources say different things :unamused: - so I’ll post it when I get it together :smiley:

Vegan doesn’t have to mean low-protein! But you will have to bear in mind that vegetal sources of protein (bean and legumes) tend to be high in carbs too, so you won’t need a load of bread or chips on the side :stuck_out_tongue: . I’ll make bean salads and chillis for lunch, eat some soy or tofu most days, and have some protein isolate (soy or hemp: you can also get rice and pea protein isolates, but I haven’t tried them yet) on heavy days…

I’m also currently on a plan that advocates eating six small meals a day instead of three larger ones. Meat stays in your gut longer than vegan food does, so more nutrients are absorbed - notably iron. I noticed a real difference in my performance when I started eating spinach and other greens throughout the day instead of just at my evening meal :slight_smile: It also keeps your energy levels more steady.

I’m curious… What is it you’re trying to accomplish? :wink:

I have been lifting for almost four years now and would like to keep on getting bigger. I currently ingest, around 220 grams of protein daily. I too eat six small meals a day; but three are protein shakes and three real meals. If I want to keep putting muscle on and keeping the muscle, I need a lot of protein for that. I also do cardio four times a week and hike on a regular basis. I also walk around 35 miles a week, too for my job. So, I really need a lot of food and protein just to maintain my physical condition.

I appreciate your helpfulness Becka. Any more advice would be greatly appreciative.

Wow :astonished: That’s a mighty amount of exercise! :smiley: I came across the following site you might like: they’re supported by Yaoh hemp products and frequent Bristol Vegan Fayre
A bit about Robbie Hazely veganbristol.makessense.co.u … s/348.html

Hi jitters
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