Hi there. I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me if you’re interested. I have had type 2 diabetes and other minor health problems for years and the past few years I have been having bad side effects from them. 2 months ago I decided to change my life and move away from GMO/GE food and go all organic. In my research I learned allot about raw food and vegetarianism and made the transition a month ago. This past week with feeling really good physically since my diet change and learning about meat and dairy I have decided to go vegan! I joined this forum to get support and learn allot more on what to eat and look forward to making some like minded friends.

I am glad that eating a more healthful diet is helping you feel better, and may well help you overcome the symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes.

You’ll be able to glean a good deal of helpful info on this site, as well as find some excellent vegan recipes!

Thanks Snog. I am so overwhelmed with all the info and research I am finding online. a few of the diabetic recovery plans I have been looking at doing says to use Super Food. Most of the stuff I find listed for that in Google searches show some form of green powder mix. Is that correct? Or does “Super Food” have a broader spectrum than that?

Hi Cfuehrer! Welcome to the vegan forum… May you enjoy having a small adventure in this site… Fruits, Nuts and veggies will be a good help in your sickness…
What are Super food? Haven’t heard of that… Does that contribute on curing diabetes?