Hello friends: bless you all.

[size=150][b]Hello friends,

My name is Philip and run a new Christian plant-based diet website (might be looking for moderators, who could have some free space for their things, in exchange for promoting the site and of course moderating, as much or little as they wish); by the way, you are free to promote ethical business there, such as this website for free:


and have just written a fruit e-book:


In case anyone wants a copy and are unable to pay anything, I would like to give it to you for free as a gift (yes, I won’t ask anything from you and it took me hundreds of hours to make); my e-mail is christian@businessmailbox.com

Love and bless you all,


Why is it that the fruit e-book is not found:(

It is on sale at Lulu (“http://www.lulu.com/product/file-download/101-fruits-fruit-dietary-nutrition-health-and-additional-information-e-book-(volume-1)/224155”) - the connected website/e-mail are defunct and may relaunch it if I have time.