Hello Everyone!

Hmmm…what to say…

Well my name is Jessie, and I’ve been a vegan since January 2010. I have two fantastic vegan sisters, which is amazing, because they are a huge support to me. I joined because I wanted to meet other vegans, which never happens to me in my own daily life. (I live in a small town). I guess I just felt a little bogged down by how popular the fast food industry is compared to how popular tofu is. So now my hope for humanity is restored, and I might get a few good recipes out of it as well as meet really awesome people. :slight_smile:

Hello there… You have there a different story… I am so glad to hear that from you… most of the vegan have problem of convincing their families to understand them but your case is different… so happy for you… Hope you’ll enjoy the forum… Good day!