Hello all...I am from Seattle

Hi All,

New to this forum.
I live in Seattle but am originally from India and am a veggie food lover. I enjoy researching the vegetarian traditions around the world and cultivating new recipes. I am also keen on bringing to limelight the not-so-known delicious vegetarian dishes from various corners of India (Currently what is known in the US as ‘Indian’ food is only about five percent of Indian cuisine and predominantly representative of North Indian cuisine).

I am glad to join this forum. I am hoping this will be a learning experience for me in terms of my quest to acquire knowledge of vegetarianism. I hope to share some of the delicious vegetarian recipes from India as well.


Hi girija!!! Like you I am also new here in this forum… Hope to exchange recipe from you… I love trying different vegetable recipes from the different part of the world… Anyways, I am Charmaine and I came from the Philippines…

Hello Girija,

I am also new (this is my first post) and I also live in Seattle (Shoreline). I have tried, and failed, to become vegan before. It seems to be a very difficult discipline for me, perhaps because I am a junk food addict at heart, trying to become vegan for health reasons more than any real love of the food. Perhaps my difficulty staying vegan is that I don’t cook (I just eat fast food) and have not tried any vegan recipes. I just eat raw fruit and stir-fried veggies.

I believe there are some vegan activities in Seattle. How about meeting at one of them? Perhaps we could talk by phone? My number is 206-629-4372 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 206-629-4372 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Feel free to call, if you like. Or give me your number and I may call you.