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Do we know? Only better food can’t be making a better health. We need a lot of information for developed our health. “Healthandbeauty-care” can give me this information. If anyone knows about this site before, please inspire me now.

i have lettuce . any idea what i could put in it to make it less boring but still healthy ?
any more healthy food idea would be great too .

i think you need balanced died and sufficient sleeping…

Some health care tips for better health are:
Awake up in early morning.
Go for morning walk.
Do exercise regularly.
Eat healthy and balanced foods.
Eat more fresh fruits and raw vegetables.
Participate in some sports.
Avoid smoking, and drinking.
and take proper sleep.

s basic as it sounds, one of the most effective ways to lower your medical expenses over time is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example, you can:

1 Take advantage of wellness programs

2 Maintain a healthy weight

3 Exercise regularly

4 Kick unhealthy habits (e.g. smoking)

5 Have regular checkups

'‘Health is wealth’'So maintain your health and eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables because there are many vitamins in a fruit and vegetable i want to share some tips for health and they under is…
1: Have a balanced die.
2: Fruits & Vegetables are good.
3: Adopt cardiovascular routine.
4: Stay close to people who are motivated.
5: Listen to Your Body.

Here i share Some health care tips for better health, Tips are:

Awake up in early morning
Go for morning walk
Do exercise regularly
Eat healthy and balanced foods
Avoid from spicy food and oily things
Eat more fresh fruits and raw vegetables
Participate in some sports
and take proper sleep

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This documentary film declares strong evidence linking genetically engineered foods to today’s rapid rise in sickness; health problems such as: allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, autism, birth defects, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, infertility, inflammatory diseases, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

This website was designed to help those, shopping for groceries in the US, choose food products which do not contain GMOs.

Support non-gmo verified labelling for food products sold on grocery store shelves, insist that physicians prescribe only non-gmo diets for their patients and support NON GMO Project.

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Some people are still unaware that high fructose corn syrup (hfcs), in the form of glucose/fructose or dextrose, is usually processed from genetically modified corn. These sweeteners are present in many food products stocked on the shelves of mainstream grocery stores. HFCS IS POISON!!!

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Avoiding beverages containing hfcs by choosing diet drinks laced with aspartame is not a good idea either.

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Also, check out the “Health Issues” page @

Demand true foods now!

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I would like to suggest you that for the better health, you should take complete bed rest of 8 hours. Along with that make perfect diet by including green veges and fruits in your meal. Apart from that, you can start your day with physical activities and meditation exercises like yoga, aerobics and gymnasium. I am damn sure, this will surely make change in your healthy life. But with this you have to avoid smoking, alcohol and consumption of drug.

Really nice tips …

Health is wealth. Healthy and clean food is very important for good health. Avoid junk foods, fatty diet, alcohol,smoking. Eat fresh fruits,vegetables, salads and dairy products. Exercise at least 30 minutes in the morning it improves your mood, make strong bones and muscles, improve physical fitness and prevent from many disease.

Hi SB,
Agree with you that food is not enough to improve health, we must engage in regular physical activities to lead healthy and active lifestyle. Regular exercises not only helps in losing and stabling healthy body weight but also boost immunity system and prevent from major health problems.