Health and Beauty in a softgel, edible Aran!

You can have it all, beauty and health combined.
Argan oil, a rare yet high in demand oil derived from the fruit kernel of the Moroccan tree, Argania spinosa is not only rich in color but, also rich in essential fattyacids, antioxidants, sterols, carotenoids, squalene, vitamin E, and ferulic acids. Edible Argan oil promotes beauty from within as it heals the bodily system internally.
Moroccans have incorporated this oil into their everyday diet and lifestyle for centuries. It has been known for cosmetically to strengthen and smooth locks, fade wrinkles and stretch marks, while bringing a fresh and healthy glow to the skin. By incorporating the edible oil into their diet Moroccans combat life threatening ailments. Moroccan Life Products Edible Argan Softgels are made from organically grown trees producing a high quality, pure, roasted Argan oil. The oil is cold pressed, then tested by a third party laboratory to ensure it is free of heavy metals, solvents residues, pesticides and other impurities. Argan users not only benefit from its health attributes, but support the Moroccan women who run the Argan co-operatives. Edible Argan oil can be taken as a pure oil and incorporated into meals, or taken as a softgel. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Glad I could pass on some knowledge, most people know that it is good for hair and skin, but do not know how the oil can help internally. There are many health attributes to the oil and clinical tests have been done world wide. I myself notice a difference when I change my diet, take supplements on a regular basis, and work out a few times a week, I just feel better. It’s amazing how small changes can make such a substantial difference in our health, and subsequently it reflects in our apperance, and the way we feel and think. check out Moroccan Life Products website, it explains in detail all the healing properties of argan :} :cheers: