Going Vegan

:smiley: How do I start ? I have no support on top of it ?

Well, more details would help.

How do you start? Look up some resources like vegweb.com an the vegan society (based in the UK), and read the details they have on starting up. A lot of them can send you beginner packs, as well. Pamphlets with information and such.

Not having support is hard, but possible. Still, I’d need to know more to tell you how to get started.

I would suggest reading the book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman Eat to Live. There is a lot of good information there.
At least you have support here! :slight_smile:

Start out by cutting out red meat like burgers or steaks and also remove eggs,then when you feel you’re ready, perhaps go on to removing, say pork, then cheese etc. If you want to know what to replace those with, then as a start, you could have veggie burgers, you’ll have to try a few to see which you’d prefer, and also start replacing animal milk with soy, almond milk, etc.

Also start to experiment with new foods like quinoa mixed in with oats for brekkie, eat apples or pears or banans more often, go nutz! haha, yeah, eat more nuts, pistachios, cashews etc.

Veganism is very rewarding and a statement of your ideals, it’s a journey that you’ll benefit from in many ways, take your time and have fun with it :slight_smile:

If you have found this web site then you have the skills to find other information via the web,with all the support, and encouragement you will need to follow a vegan diet. Once you do so you will know why you did.