Giving head...

Can I give head as a vegan?

  • Yes
  • No

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ok so I’m a vegetarian considering goin vegan, only problem is would I still be able to give head? Because really humans are animals and so cum would be like an animal product… like milk is? Because cum is like the man-equivalent to cow milk I guess…

Just wondering what you guys think on the subject?

I don’t see a problem, as long as it’s the same species.

I had a girlfriend that was a Vegan and she gave great head! Be a woman and do your duty, if it bothers you so much don’t swallow!

Wow… surely you cannot be serious.

Ah, problem is all must have consent. No different as suckling of the baby from mother, but suckling of man from cow is filthy because cow does not consent of will, cow does consent because cow is prodded and hit with stick and yelled out if cow does not lactate, both party should speak of consent and then all is well unless one party or another is not of right mind. If this is case then other party should seek consent from close friend or family member of other party. Also is not a very good way for making baby, rarely works.

Like beliov said it’s all about consent. You can’t get consent from animals. Humans can give consent so there’s no ethical dilemma from that standpoint. Yes, it’s technically an animal product but we know the “animal” wasn’t suffering to produce it (presumably at least).

Start with a condom and then ask what a guy thinks, or ask them before. I expect theres many people who would like it.

if the guys is ok with it (which im sure he is) then go for it. if you dont want to ingest it then dont swallow. its pretty simple.

Why on earth would anyone want to ‘give head’ :astonished: The very thought alone :frowning: