G8 Protests

Ok, I’m seeing conflicting news reports about these protests/riots… What on earth is going on?

On the evening news, it said that the protestors were “Communists, Anarchists and Environmentalists.” :astonished:

Then there was some footage of a support protest in the UK, with nice old ladies from a Catholic Aid Agency. :slight_smile:

This morning, I read that there was another violent protest in Rostock, where the protestors were far-right National Democrats. Another report said they were Church groups, environmental activists, cultural societies and feminists.

But the violence was started by a “hard-core” of black-clad figures (MI6 or CIA? Or is that me being paranoid?! I remember the Miners’ Strikes…) :hiding:

It is unclear what everyone is protesting about, though the report I read this morning said it was about “Globalisation and Capitalism.” I thought the summit was about coordinating policy on climate change and foreign policy? Surely state control of industry is a separate issue…?

Why are environmentalists campaigning against Globalisation and Capitalism? :dontknow:

Probably because companies that have green restrictions locally will move the production abroad where such restrictions do not exist - that’s Globalisation.

Why they would do it? For profit - that’s Capitalism. :slight_smile: