Fruit juice can be harmful to teeth

True - The sugars found naturally in whole fruit are less likely to cause tooth decay because the sugar is contained within the structure of the fruit. But, when fruit is juiced or blended, the sugar is released. Once released, these sugars can damage teeth, especially if fruit juice is drunk frequently.

But fruit juice is still a healthy choice. One glass (150ml) counts as one of the five fruit and veg portions we should all be aiming for each day.

To help keep teeth healthy, it’s best to have fruit juice at mealtimes, particularly for children. Milk or water are good choices for children to drink between meals.

this might be true…but I love fruit juice so much. I agree that fruits contains a lot of sugar and sugar can damage our teeth. When I drink fruit juice, I drink plenty of water too.

That is nice… Always drink plenty of water after eating anything sweet… :wink:

Some fruits also contain fluoride which make the teeth stronger. … ride-desc/

There is a huge difference between the fresh fruit juice and the canned juice that is restored from concentrate which has sugar added to it.

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i love juice and my dentist told me that right around my gum line my teeth are decaying (minimally), but they are still strong! I am only 24 and am a vegan so i was wondering how i was getting these sensitive areas on my teeth right by the gum, and sure enough he told me fruits were the culprit! I also squeeze lime juice daily and mix it with a little water to keep my body free of toxins. All that fruit is taking it’s toll it seems. Drinking water to wash the acid off the teeth after eating fruit or drinking juice is the only cure i can think of b/c i’m sure as hell not cutting back on my Lakewood juices or daily limes! at least i have strong teeth that can withstand the acids!

I must agree. But i think you can still drink fruit juices. just drink lots of water after and then brush your teeth.

Interesting! Thanks for the advice

i seriously doubt that drinking fruitjuice is bad for the teeth. the problem with tooth decay is caused by having too much sugars in the bloodstream, the exception being candy and other foods which get stuck to the teeth.

"Cavities are caused by bacteria which work, live, and play within our mouths. These bacteria feast on food left on teeth after meals. The bacteria produce acid as a by-product of their feasting. It is this acid which eats into tooth enamel, creating cavities. Surprisingly, bacteria can use other foods just as efficiently as they can use candy to create this cavity causing acid . In fact, any food containing carbohydrates can be utilized by bacteria. This includes foods such as potato chips, crackers, and breads as well as fruits, peanut butter, and pasta.

In fact, many of the snacks which we think are healthy can actually be very damaging to teeth . These include foods which tend to get stuck to teeth where they provide a constant source of carbohydrates for bacteria to use in creating acid."

"Tooth decay has arguably become the most prominent health hazard associated with the consumption of sugar. Oral bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans live in dental plaque and metabolize any sugars (not just sucrose, but also glucose, lactose, fructose, or cooked starches[11]) into lactic acid. High concentrations of acid may result on the surface of a tooth, leading to tooth demineralization.[12][13]

All 6-carbon sugars and disaccharides based on 6-carbon sugars can be converted by dental plaque bacteria into acid that demineralizes teeth. But sucrose may be uniquely useful to Streptococcus mutans. Sucrose may be the sugar most efficiently converted to dextran, with which the bacteria glues itself to the tooth surface. Thus, sucrose could enable Streptococcus mutans to adhere more strongly and resist attempts at removal. The dextran itself also acts as a reserve food supply for the bacteria. Such a special role of sucrose in the formation of tooth decay is more significant in light of the almost universal use of sucrose as the most desirable sweetening agent.’

I don’t think so ,fruit juice must be fresh

Fruit juice can be very harmful to teeth, especially when it’s frozen to the ice and you beat your teeth with it :slight_smile:

Well, everything is harmful to the teeth :slight_smile:

I believe that one should rinse the mouth after having fruit in general.

Juices are great providers of vitamins and structured water our cells recognize, juices give great health benefits.

might be true , coz until now it was said that fruit juice is tasty and healthy drink specially for children, any way if true then great piece of info, that should be taken care of.

thanx for sharing with us.

Dragonfly, how much sugar is too much, for sugar in the bloodstream to become a tooth decay problem? Thanks


Sports drinks loaded with liquid sugars

I’ve read some doctor say that fruit juices are bad not only for teeth but also for the rest of the body, because they contain sugar without fiber.

I might accept it . sugar is essential nutrition to human beings, so we can not say that it is dangerous to teeth. we can take herbal treatments for tooth decay.

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My view is that, I love fruit juice so much. I agree that fruits contains a lot of sugar and sugar can damage our teeth. When I drink fruit juice, I drink plenty of water too.happy jane Vegan Forum Beginner.

The fruit and vegetable found a sugar naturally its a not cause tooth decay.juice is naturally released the sugar.sugar is not a damage for your tooth. but the fruits juice is a great choice and good for heath u taking daily.