Fruit E-book Update Purchase Link

[size=75][b]Dear Friends,

Have created new fruit nutrition e-book; including info. on fruit nutrition and growing info. per fruit: ;

In case you can’t pay for it/ whole price, please e-mail

Love to you all,



Can you describe the book a little please?

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the interest.

The E-book covers 101 fruits, ie bananas, with each fruit having web links, nutritional information, facts, health tips etc; it is also interactive, with a supporting website so that each fruit page has 16 links to a forum; q and a etc.

It is now available for purchase for $4 from

(currently reduced from $5 as have had pointed out a small bookmark error for one of the fruits (info. on lulu), that may not actually affect viewing all pages, till I sort it out.)

There is also a free preview link there for 1/4 of the book.

Have had encouraging feedback so far.

Bless you.


Hey thats a really great thing, your book.
I think that one of the main goal of vegan activists is to educate as many people as they can of how many fruits exist and how to choose a tasty one, how to cook them and how healthy they are etc.


Hi Andy,

If you wanted a free copy, just e-mail me at

In Jesus’ name,