Fructose and LDL Cholesterol

I just watched this movie about how bad fructose really is. Making people obese and rising the level of bad cholesterol.
Which was a shock for me. Since I always believed that fructose is natural and good for you.

Any scientist with expertise in organic chemistry and human physiology that can comment on this video about fructose and cholesterol?
How true is all this? … -alarmism/

he also says that high fructose corn sweetners are not a danger to human health, and connects obesity to sugar intake and not excessive protein consumtion. he is obviously an industry shill.


While watching the movie i came to know that obesity is also an epidemic is it true that children at the age of 6-8 are also effected by this.

yeah but pointing the finger only at the small amounts of fructose in the average diet is unscientific.