Food Libel

I did not know there were laws stopping people badmouthing for example the meat industry. Essentially it is ok to advocate for veg for example but you are open for legal action if you actively verbally attack the meat industry. Apparently the movie Food Inc. goes in to it.
I wonder how wide spread this is?
Talk about WRONG!

Yes it is pretty messed up! I know there have been cases in the US and the UK, but I’m not sure about anywhere else. I just watched the movie McLibel about the libel case against two activists in the UK; it’s a really interesting film. The case had some positive impact though because even though the judge ruled against them on some of the points, he said they had demonstrated that McDonalds was cruel to animals, exploited thier workers, and purposely targeted children. A big case in the US was when Oprah was sued for saying she wouldn’t eat another hamburger while doing a show on mad cow disease.

I also find it horrible that there are laws that are specific to the animal industry that protect their profits. So if you cause damage to an animal business (eg. by releasing animals or damaging property) you aren’t just charged with theft or destruction of property, you are charged under the animal enterprise terrorism act and labelled a terrorist if found guilty! I don’t advocate criminal activity, but there should not be seperate laws that make crimes against an animal business more serious than crimes against anyone else. That’s not fair IMO. And the FBI called the AR movement the worse domestic terrorist threat in the US?!? WTF!

Yes, don’t you remember when the beef industry sued Oprah Winfrey for talking about the dangers of Mad Cow Disease from eating meat. Funny!

That’s disgusting totally agree with you!

it must be a sheeplism thing, most people are incapable of thinking outside the box.

Generally they can only successfully sue you if it’s false.

You just have to be very careful about the exact information, make sure you have sources, and don’t ever exaggerate or misquote anything (even the slightest inaccuracy can make you liable).

More abstract points which the companies can’t argue against (like morality) are easier to make safely.

Of course, anybody can sue anybody about anything just to make their lives unpleasant (whether they win or not, it’s still expensive and stressful).

Animal enterprises terrorism act is pretty awful. Sad state of politics…

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I just heard it ow, I didn’t know about that too.