Flaming Coffee


      o 1/2 cups brandy (is this vegan? I'm teetotal so I dunno, but I bet you could substitute any flammable drinkable liquid :wink:)
      o 2 strips lemon peel, colored bit only not bitter white pith
      o 1 strip orange peel, same as above
      o 8 whole cloves
      o 8 whole allspice
      o 2 two inch sticks cinnamon, broken into pieces
      o 8 cubes of loaf sugar
      o 3 cups black coffee, prepared and kept hot 

Set out chafing dish or brulot bowl and ladle.

Preheat ladle with boiling water and drain.

Remove and discard spices and fruit peel from heated brandy mixture. Add 7 of the cubes of loaf sugar to the brandy mixture; place remaining cube in the ladle. Dip a little of the brandy mixture into the ladle; ignite the liquid in the ladle with a match. Cafefully lower โ€œflamingโ€ ladle into chafing dish to ignite all of the liquid. Stir with the ladle, carefully dipping and pouring back into the dish some of the flaming liquid. Continue stirring andladling until the sugar is dissolved. This is most effective in a softly lighted room.

While the mixture is still flaming, pour the hot coffee slowly against edge of the chafing dish to avoid putting out the flames immediately. Ladle again to blend in coffee.

When mixture is no longer flaming, ladle into demitasse or after-dinner coffee cups. Serve with additional sugar if desired.

About 16 servings