Fellow vegan here. HELP!

I am doing a project for my upper division english class at university and was hoping some of you guys could answer some questions, please. I am vegan and I am hoping by picking this topic I could shed some light on veganism to other peole. Some of the questions I made, some are from my professor, and some are from my class mates. Anything you give me will be a great help. THANKS!

1: When and how did you first hear about veganism? What were your thoughts on veganism before?
2: What do you believe is a common misconception people have about veganism?
3: How would you define vegan and how is it different from vegetarian?
4: How long have you been vegan and why did you decide on going/staying vegan?
5: How do you incorporate veganism in your life, apart from changing your diet?
6: How do you feel about entertainment involving animals (zoos, aquariums, etc.)?
7: How does you being vegan affect your family and the people around you?
8: What is your typical day like?
9: How does being vegan affect your life as a whole and on a day-to-day basis?
10: Was becoming vegan a difficult decision and how hard was the change?
11: What do you say to people who strongly oppose veganism and your beliefs?
12: What is your biggest challenge with being vegan?
13: What is your biggest reward with being vegan?
14: Do you consider yourself somehow “superior” (morally, ethically, or health wise) to meat eatters?
15: What is your primary reason for being vegan?
16: What are some typical snacks and meals you eat?
17: Do you avoid products that are tested on animals, leather, and all animal products?
18: How strict are you?
19: Do you have any health concerns in regards with limiting your food options? Would you say veganism is a healthier alternative?
20: What is the biggest challenge when you go out to eat?
21: Have you ever been tempted to step out of veganism? If so, why?
22. How has this site helped you with becoming or maintaining veganism?
23. How long have you been on this forum and how frequent are you on here?
24.What do enjoy most about this website and what is the most advantageous?