Farm Animals

I became a vegan about 1.5 years ago, after maintaining a vegetarian diet for over 40 years. It was a personal decision to become a vegan, and I am doing it only for myself. I feel great, the food feels very healthy, and I am very happy to have no involvement with factory farming of meat and dairy animals.

However, I’ve been wondering - if everyone was vegan, we wouldn’t have any need for cows, chickens, ducks, goats, etc. So what would become of these animals? Are vegans saying that these animals should become extinct? This idea seems like a contradiction, but I can’t see many people keeping these animals as pets.

What do some of you vegans out there think about the future of farm animals in a vegan world?

The animals we now consider farm animals did exist before domestication in some form or other so they may not necessarily become extinct if we were all to become vegans. If that were in fact the case though, I personally would be OK with it…not because I don’t care what happens to these animals or think that once we no longer have a “purpose” for them they become obsolete, but because if I had to chose for them a life of constant suffering and pain or simply not existing, I chose non-existence.

just wonderin, couldent we raise them as pets???
if the world was vegan, hopefully everyone would see them as pets, i know i would, i would like a pet farm animal!!! :smiley:

I have chickens and goats just as pets! I know lots of people have animals that are livestock 100% as pets! :smiley:

Your compassion for others is overwhelming. Your only tool in “debate” seems to be insulting others and hoping to irritate those who are better educated than you.

I find your comments more saddening than irritating. If I were a religious person, I’d pray for you.