End Copehagen and Similar Zoos Animal Slaughter

The treatment of the animals at the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark and similar zoos in Europe concerning the use of euthanasia in only maintaining healthy populations is not only brutal, sadistic but totally unnecessary and redundant since if a rule can be made and it can also be abandoned in place of a better one.

And then when you invite children to witness the slaughter and the vivisection performed immediately after the slaughter what does this do to the children of a tender age–does it excite them that they can pursue similar careers or cause a trauma that may take years from which to recover.

Their current program must and can be changed to a more humane method of dealing with overpopulation and other issues. A zoo is to be a place to visit animals and not a place to practice eugenics where survival of the fittest is employed. Such was and has been a program to deal with retarded, disabled and certain races employed by the likes of Margaret Sanger and Adolph Hitler.
For those of us who feel such a program violates our ethical and humane treatment of all animals we can fight and end such programs by cutting and eliminating the profit line of these zoos and institutions since they depend heavily on public funding and grants from various government agencies.

We can begin to write the directors of such zoos and tell them we will boycott them and not give any financial contributions for their support. Then we can contact whatever government agencies that fund them to cut out such funding entirely. Also stir up publicity as many have done exposing their wicked and sadistic deeds. For starters we can write the Copenhagen Zoo and their contact information is as follows:

e-mails to Zoo should be send to: zoo@zoo.dk
This is Zoo’s main mailbox, where mails will be distributed to other departments.

Phone: +45 72 200 200

Postal address:
Zoologisk Have
Roskildevej 38
Postboks 7
DK 2000 Frederiksberg

To contact officials in other zoos just simply type the name of the zoo into your browser window and in most cases their website will appear along with their contact information. All I had to do for this zoo was type in, “Copenhagen Zoo” and a list about it came up including their website.

Yes this brutality and insensitivity toward the welfare of our wildlife in zoos and other similar institutions can and must be stopped but it is up to us to get the ball rolling and make our presence felt and our objective achieved.