Eat Squirrels not Soy!

Yesterday there was a programme on the TV debating culling Grey Squirrels. One man was advocating eating Grey Squirrels instead of Soy.

Reason: Soy “destroys whole ecosystems” (Is this true?) whereas Grey squirrels are a pest in the UK. We would be defending the natural ecosystem by trapping and eating Grey Squirrels.

Grey Squirrels are displacing populations of native British Red Squirrels (they eat more, and can survive cold winters better), and carry parapox virus (which is fatal to Red Squirrels).

Other ideas include lacing the grey squirrels food with drugs to make them infertile (WTF?!) and encouraging people to trap squirrels.

Anyone fancy a nice Squirrel Pie? :rabbit:

That’s just crazy, there are several ideas left hanging in the breeze here.
And i take it you are not a vegan then BegBecka, by the tone of your post. :confused:
i think a humane and non-violent solution should be quite easy to arrive at.

I think BigBecka is joking :slight_smile:

Thanks Sergio: I am vegan, Dragonfly! :laughing: I just like to throw ideas around :bom: No offence or ‘tone’ intended :blah5:

This was a genuine report on national UK television: I was surprised that it was put on TV! :confused:

Noone on the programme challenged the view that soy was bad for the environment. I was interested to see if anyone here had heard similar stories, and whether it was true.

I just know that when I get back to work, people will be asking me difficult questions about soy! :blackeye:

If people are going to say things like this on TV, maybe we (vegans) should prepare and publicise a rebuttal?

Oh sorry, i was wrong. Good idea BigBecka. There is no shortage of absolutely stupid programmes on television. Too bad for the squirrels, seems like no one really cares about the environment.

I would suggest eating people instead… humans are more harmful pests then squirrel and they have more meat :slight_smile:

There are so many opinions about soy that I am truly confused as to the right one.Soy is supposed to be good for health but some say this can be digestible protein to the body at all.

dude, you’re a good vegan :slight_smile:

That sounds hilarious to me.But why is soy not good for the ecosystem?Could anyone explain?

I think that even considering eating squirrel is terrible. However, in the context of this post it was funny. Why would eating soy not be good for our ecosystem?

squirrels are lovely animals

I’ve seen squirrels playing - it was very beautiful.

I also think so… There seems to be other ways… Can human really eat squirrels?

Why not? They eat all kinds of other critters.

Yesterday there was a programme on the TV debating culling Grey Squirrels. One man was advocating eating Grey Squirrels instead of Soy.


I can’t imagine myself seeing other people eating squirrels… I have seen some eating worms and frogs and 1 day old chicks but this made me really sick, but to see man eating squirrel? This would made me faint (even only by thought)