Easy Fast Weight Loss Ideas!

Start your day with honey, lemon water. Go for veg diet but we need to skip some food itms like potato, rice, some grains that causes weight gain. Concentrate on heavy breakfast of colesterol free diet like oats and drink lots and lots of water and see the results.

Non vegetarian food contains lot of fats, calories that adds fats to your body and turns your weight loss number unexpectedly. :albino: Try to take vegetarian, fat free food as possible and drink lot of water. A warm water along with honey, lemon on empty stomach will give fast results.

Non vegetarian food contains lots of fats and takes lots of hours to digest it. Its better to go for vegetarian food if you want to lose extra fat and energy.

You can try to use guava.
Because one of top health benefits of guava is to help you lose weight faster and more efficiently.

Interestingly, there is a zero amount of cholesterol in guava. Additionally, the carbs only exist in guava with relatively low amount as well.

Meanwhile, guava contains many proteins, minerals and vitamins, not to mention its richness of dietary fiber

Therefore, guava is an ideal choice to make your appetite satisfied easily. You will feel full for a longer period of time after consuming guava.

Surprisingly, even thin people can benefit from guava which is supportive for weight gain.

As it is full of nutrients, guava can enhance your metabolism and nutrient absorption from foods.

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