Does this forum make sense at all?

Sometimes to be an ordinary citizen of a country is worse than to be a family pet of an ordinary family from another country. From this point of view, what do you think, does it make sense to talk about animals’ rights?

Some people fight for human rights as well.
Can you be more specific?
Give an example when ordinary pets have better lifes then people.
Thank you.

Define “fighting for human rights” please.
Who’s fighting for human rights? American soldiers in Iraq? Islamic terrorists blowing themselves in London? Why black-skinned people were set free in US? Because the sly Uncle Abe needed more meat to fight the war. It was just a political trick.

Here we go - this is a snippet from a REAL IRC log:

Guy_who_lives_in_USA: My dog went sick today. I took him to a veterinary. I’ve paid 150 bucks.
Guy_who_lives_in_Philippines: sigh My salary is about USD25 per week.
Guy_who_lives_in_USA: Wtf? I spend for my dog more than you sped for yourself???
Guy_who_lives_in_Philippines: Indeed. Your dog has a better life than me :frowning:

I’ve got a fresh example. And it is from this forum.

It’s a wrong reasoning. It’s like because deaths from car accidents can not be eliminated we can purposefully kill people on road. We should eliminate suffering whenever it is possible.

If someone (a person, not an animal or a plant) is suffering and is getting killed, does he keep suffering?