Do you want to make eating meat illegal?

Do you want to make eating meat illegal?

I believe in democracy, and I have no desire to impose my beliefs on others as a dictator. However, I do hope that the majority of the population will eventually conclude that it is wrong to inflict death and suffering on animals simply for the pleasure of tasting meat. When this day comes, I hope that the practice will be outlawed through the democratic process.

This is a view which is not shared by all animal rights activists. Many insist that it is wrong to impose our morality on others, even if it is done through the democratic process. However, I would point out that when we outlaw murder, rape, and torture, we are effectively “forcing our morality” on those who see nothing ethically wrong with murder, rape or torture.

Nevertheless, it is not my purpose in writing this web page to “force” anyone to become a vegetarian against his will, but simply to give people the knowledge with which to make an informed choice. Furthermore, I would point out that every time we choose to eat meat, we are “forcing our morality” on the animals which we send to the slaughter house.

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We may find that eating meat becomes less socially acceptable with time, in much the same way smoking has, but that depends on what the majority of people decide is right.

If we were to make eating meat illegal, it would simply aggrevate and upset meat eaters, who often believe that meat is healthy, a superior (sometimes the only!) source of protein, iron and omega-oils, and obtained in a humane and hygenic manner. Some people perceive vegetarians and vegans to be underweight, slow and malnourished.

I think it would be more effective to educate people, so that they can make an informed decision.

No, we want instead to legalize hemp and prostitution :smiley:

I don’t want to make it illegal, I want it to be so that no one actually wants to. Either way, both are quite a ways off…

No, but we shouldn’t be subsidizing the industry with our tax money either. For instance, we subsidize corn and then force-feed it to the animals along with the antibiotics and other additives. The government agencies that oversee the food industry are led by the same people that sit on the corporate boards of the food companies. It’s corruption on steroids.

If we can eliminate the government subsidies to the meat and dairy industries, then the costs for those items would be realistically much higher, and plant-based food would become more attractive to the average consumer.

Watch the video “Food Inc” for more information on this blatant corruption that we the taxpayers support. It will sicken you to learn the truth.

I don’ want it to be illegal… We should also respect other omni of their choices… Maybe minimizing the supply of meat can be…

If I had a choice to make meat eating illegal I would say no. I would make killing an animal illegal, and I would make farming animals illegal (dairy) but if someone finds a dead cow on the side of the road be my guest. some people are just sick, and the taste of flesh gets them off or something I don’t know, and I don’t care as long as they don’t kill anything.

Some day the majority of people will become vegetarians/ vegans, and when that day comes meat eating WILL become illegal. and once it is the trend will never reverse, it won’t even have a chance to, if anyone said they wanted to eat meat it would be considered a joke or they would be considered a freak (like someone saying they want to eat a human) it just wont be acceptable.

No i don’t want to and i don’t think it is possible.

well when people stop being dumb by hurting themselves and animals, then no one will need to force it upon anyone. until then, we just gotta do the best we can without getting illegal or unfair to other people. hey, if people wanna eat meat, they’ll pay the price. KARMA!!!

I believe in some hundred years it will be illegal and people will learn the history and be surprised how strange it was that once people considered normal to eat other sentient beings.

I think it should definetly be illegal. I believe in freedom for all, so that means protecting animals too instead of leaving them to these money hungry slaughterhouses.