Disseration help- Tell me about being Vegan, Please

Hi to all,

I’am a 3rd year student studying in Southampton doing a disseration on
bringing up children in a vegan lifestyle. Any of you who would like to
share your opinions on raising vegan children, vegan products etc please could you contact me via my facebook inbox.

Really interested to hear your views about why you…
adapted to the vegan way of living, if you have children or don’t - why
you would raise your children in a vegan way? anything else you can
tell me. Do you think that there are enough vegan parenting publications out there, if not then would you be interested in reading a magazine directly aimed at vegan families?

Thank you all, hope to hear from you shortly.

Alicia X

Hi there Alicia! try visiting this part of the forum… Hope that will help you :smiley:


Hi! I’m not old enough yet, but I don’t think that children should be raised vegan. They should definitely be told about it, but they should choose themselves. Plus, if you do raise a vegan child, you need to be very careful about getting them all of their dietary needs.

Now I understand why you don’t want to raise your children the vegan way feline… :wink: