Day One

So today was my first official day of being a vegan and it was honestly a breeze. All the foods I listed in the meal plan on the weekend turned out being delicious and I found the pieces of dried apricot in the salad and the bean burger comforting, because they both felt as if they had an animal based protein, like I’m used to, but they didn’t. With each bite I took it was a gratifying feeling to know that one more animal was saved and I’m one step closer to help making a difference in this world. This is something I feel confident in being able to stick to and I’m going to train harder then ever to prove to my personal trainer that you can build lean muscle from eating plant based proteins.

Stay strong, eat lean, and eat green.

Go Vegan :slight_smile:!

So, good job from you. :smiley:

thats awesome! I have been a vegan for a month and a half and I still find all the food i eat so delicious. there are so many great recipes and vegetables out there.

Way to go! Hope you’re still vegan, and are finding more motivation, commitment, and delicious recipes every day! Would love to hear an update of how you’re doing now.

Hi, I am new to this forum and would like help with making a meal plan. Please help.