daily intakes

Hi all

I got a question i’m hoping some of you may be able to help with, what kind of fat intake per day in grams do you aim for? I’ve always planned my carb and protein intake meticulously but never really given my fat intake as much thought.

Current intake is:-

1g per lb bodyweight of carbs
1.5g per lb bodyweight of protein

and i’ve just roughly calculated that my fat intake is about 0.5g per lb of bodyweight

I don’t aim for any calculations. Just make sure that I get raw greens everyday for blood quality meaning overall health.

Your daily intake is good for diet with instruction.But i take protein shake for my diet.

Thanks for the info.

Using your formula above, my stats come out as:
255g Protein
170g Carbs
85g Fat
2465 Calories

This looks pretty good, with the calorie figure coming out around my maintenance total with a good protein intake. Remember, it’s total calories along with total protein intake that determines if you gain/lose/maintain weight/size.

What is your current goal?