Changing a culture, Please Help if you can!

Saving The Dolphins

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am sure you are aware that still in some parts of the world Dolphins and
Whales are still being hunted for food. As with most Western countries this
act has been outlawed in our waters, and many conservation projects are in
force at present to try and protect these wonderful creatures.

They need your help, there is an annual slaughter of many types of Dolphins
and Whales by the PRO WHALING nations, this alone still disgusts me as I am
sure it disgusts you too.

But look at these links, what is happening in a remote fishing village in
southern JAPAN is truly shocking.

Please Help

Richard Johnston


W.D.C.S (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society)
WWF (World Wild Life Fund)
Born Free Foundation
Amnesty International

these gentle creatures of the sea should be protected instead of being herded and slaughtered mercilessly. There was a segment in National Geographic that showed Japanese fishermen still committing these grissly acts. I think the Japanese government should do something about this issue.

Aye, let’s save the animals, but leave the humans to kill eachother, right?
I think it is wrong to scream about the protection of the animals as long as people kill eachother for money or just because they are stupid.

I agree totally with what you say this should stop along with the killing of our selves, igonore negative remarks from people friend, you just keep spreading the word about this outrage and maybe this will stop.

I hope so I think this is just a bad dream, and one day I will wake up.

Kind regards


It’s horrible :cry:

It Is not wrong to scream about the protection of animals, what’s worng with this? Do we just let this things happen because people kill one another? what people do is up to them, human beings are rational and logical creatures who can reason and think for themselves. Human beings have cultures and societies, not all animals do. So I think it is unfair for you to state that animal-protection is wrong just because we can’t stop the evils of humanity.

The protection of animals is not wrong. Thinking of people first is more important.

I agree, in fact I think it has to go together-these humanitarian efforts are supposed to be prioritized by nations and people who are more fortunate than others.