Cauliflower in pastry(dough)

I’ve tried in one Chinese restaurant cauliflower in pastry, it is cauliflower wetted in soya sauce (or also other sauces) then in pastry, and then it is roasted in much oil (like fries)
When I tried to make same thing at home I encountered the following problems:

  1. Soya sauce didn’t stick to cauliflower, I’ve tried to add some flour, but it didn’t help much.

  2. Soon pastry became dirty of soya sauce (when I wetting into it, if I pour it on cauliflower - much pastry is wasted)

  3. When fry it pastry sometimes slip from cauliflower. (I make pastry just from flour and water, may be I should add something else there?)

If you have solutions to these problems please post them here.

peace sergio.
I have a few suggestions. First you could either marinate the cauliflower in the sauce for a little while to soak in the juices or saute the cauliflower in the sauce in a small skillet. If you are not a vegan then you can dip the marinated cauliflower into a either an egg white or yolk then dip it into the flour to batter it. If you are a vegan then you can use vegetable broth to help the flour stick to the cauliflower. I don’t remember you mentioning adding spices to the flour. this might add some flavor, or maybe you can add a little cornmeal. Another suggestion make sure your oil is hot when add the coated cauliflower. If the oil isn’t hot then the dough won’t fry and will indeed fall off. One more thing set the knob to medium so that it won’t burn.

one love