Carrot Soup with Orange and Thyme


      o 800 g / 1 3/4 lb carrots
      o 2 oranges
      o 1 bunch of thyme, cleansed
      o 2 onions
      o 1 L / 2.1 pints of vegetable extract
      o Olive oil
      o 1 knife tip of nutmeg
      o Ocean salt and pepper 

Peel the carrots and slice them. Shred the peel of the oranges and press the juice out of them. Keep shredded orange peel and orange juice separate. Peel the onion and dice them. Put the olive oil in a big pot and saute the carrots with the orange peel for 10 minutes. Add onion, nutmeg a bit of salt and half of the thyme. Mix well and add the vegetable extract. Let it boil/simmer for 20 minutes till the carrots are tender. Blend the soup with a blender and press it through a sieve. Taste with salt and pepper.