Capsicum-Onion salad Recipe

Ingredients Few strips of fresh capsicum (any colour/many colours)
Few strips of thinly sliced onion
1 tablespoon white vinegar
1 cup water
pinch salt
Instructions Place the capsicum and onion strips in a salad bowl
Add a tablespoon of white vinegar, a cup of water and pinch of salt
Leave it covered in clingwrap, in fridge (covered, so the fridge won’t smell of raw onion), for a few hours before serving for the vegetables to absorb the vinegar and get cool
Scoop a few strips of onion and capsicum into a salad bowl, add little bit of the vinegar solution and serve as side dish with meals
Or serve on its own as snack and enjoy it with the nice tangy taste of vinegar
TIP: the raw onions in it may cause bad breath
This a kind of salad with fresh vegetables, made at home with few vegetables and no preservatives

this is a very testy salad. but without sesame, fennel and dill powder is not perfect test.

Wow, it really tastes delicious. The ingredient listed here are pretty cool and it can actually add a wondrous flavour to this yummy salad dish. More than vinegar, I prefer to add some filament or little fresh lime juice drops. That makes me wow and crazy for salad. Apart from these even if you for vege- salads or chicken salad prefer olive oil some time rather than any other kind of oil. It is beneficial to the health.