Brand new! :)

Hello, everyone.

I am brand new to this forum, as well as the world of veganism. I do not have vegan friends, although my fiance is an incredibly supporting omni. I started being vegetarian only 6 months ago, however, the more I thought about being a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, the less and less it made sense. Why was the suffering and unhealthy aspects of meat unacceptable, but I’d be free to make all the egg and cheese omlettes I could want? As such, I took the plunge only a week ago to cut out all dairy and eggs. So far, it has not been a problem at all, and I have already found many new favorite foods!

So there is me in a nutshell. I’m 21, living in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I am just looking for some support and tips to keep me going. I do not want to lose sight of my motivation and why I know that this is the correct path for me, health wise and morally.

Also, I’m a bit shy, so warm welcomes, please! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello there fishyfoxx :smiley: Hope you are enjoying reding some posts, getting some tips as well as some recipes that may help your transformation… Good luck and I know that you can do it… You have lots of support in this forum :smiley: I am looking forward to have even just a little chat with you in the forum… Enjoy :smiley: