Just recently a headline in the world’s news of a 21 feet, 1 ton salt water crocodile was captured alive in the remote province of the Philippines using a live dog as bait (poor fella)… Now the dying croc (being not used living away from it’s natural habitat) is fast becoming an attraction to the local & foreign community and locals claims that a BIGGER croc who allegedlly ate a water buffalo and a fisherman is still at large and may come looking for his mate anytime soon bringing more fear to the townfolks. I feel sad for the croc & remorse to the locals. I just hope they’ll release & leave the poor beast alone to go back to his family of GIANT CROCS who’s probably only following it’s primeval instinct of survival. So what about the rights of this endangered giant? :unamused:

[b]( :cherry: YouTube Video )—> YouTube(DOT)com/watch?v=HuRCD2MQgxs :alien:

or SEARCH USER : Mentol2000 in YouTube for raw Video & more pics links of this PRIMEVAL CROC![/b] :astonished:

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Well I saw this news bit before and I initially though that they are going to make that crocodile’s life really hard, soon. And true enough, it has been the main attraction of their area.

There are a good number of animal rights groups who are pushing for its release into the wild but even the leaders of the area would not succumb as that has brought quite a number of tourists already, which turned to be livelihood for them.