Atkins Coporation Tries To Silence Author Of

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Dr. Michael Greger M.D., author of the web site “Atkins Facts” and soon to be author of a new scientifically rigorous book exposing low carb diets as dangerous has been threatened with legal action by the Atkins Corporation.

If you ever heard Dr. Michael Greger speak you would understand why the Atkins Corporation is afraid.

In addition to having the professional credentials, being very well versed in the scientific literature on this issue, and being very smart he is also a very powerful, charismatic, speaker known for making powerful videos. He has the facts on his side and he knows the facts.

Dr. Greger, donates the proceeds from his videos and publications to charities that help animals.

Please consider making a small contribution to his legal defense fund by going to, scrolling to the lower left corner, and clicking on “Fund” to read his account of this issue. You can then click on the icon next to the link “Fund” to make a donation.

This is it…this is our chance to do something to help put an end to this horrible diet fad that will soon be killing people, is killing more animals and is helping to trash our environment.

If you can not make a small donation, please help by forwarding this message somewhere else.

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Just curious.
Did he manage to defend himself?