Asking your opinion to my veg product

We are group of student from Master’s Programs in Marketing, Thammasat University, Thailand. It is a part of our course requirement to write up business plan that is feasible and applicable in real-world scenario. Therefore, we would like to ask few questions for the basis for better understanding of the market as well as the potential of our product to be launched.

Our product is as described by concept below:

“ThaiNow is an exotic ready-to-eat Thai vegetarian meal, authentically prepared in Thailand. The main ingredient is high Calcium and Methionine Textured Soy Protein made from non-GMO soy. The recipe is well formulated by renowned chef and nutritionist to ensure authentic taste and conformity to FDA’s healthy food guidelines. The meal is blasted frozen to retain freshness and nutrition of the meal as if freshly cooked, has 18 months shelf life, and only requires 5 minutes of preparation. The menu available are: Pad Thai, Green Curry with Rice, and Stir-Fried Red Curry with Rice.”

We aim to market the product in USA, particularly San Francisco in the initial phase and throughout the Western US in the fully operational phase.

Here are the questions that we would like to ask:
What do you think about our project idea?
and How much will you be willing to buy for a package of ThaiNow(340 g) ? (in USD)

Best regards,

ThaiNow Team
Lamnam Suksawad
Patrajit Charassrivisist
Pakorn Prapaisuwan
Saran Chareonlarp
Varittha Thuannavarat

I m Pure Vegetarian. I not eat non veg. I like your product. Rice an curry is popular in vegetarian. Second you provide with good ingredient and Curry and Rice digest easily. Very good product. Best luck.

I like your product - have you considered releasing it in Europe?

I would like a low-fat version, since the coconut milk/cream in Thai food can be high calorie. If this food had approval from a slimming club (Slimming World, Weight-Watchers, Rosemary Conley) you can use the slimming club as a marketing tool. Companies like Quorn ave done this very successfully.

Green curry with Rice can be a great combination, i think the project has a quite good marketing idea and you should carry on with it, it will be the best choice for the vegetarians who wants a heavy meal.