Are you Vegan Sexual

Well, I’ve started yet another documentary. This one is on Vegansexuals. It would be great to get some feedback. I’ve already begun some on-camera interviews.

Here are the questions I usually ask:
What would you not do with someone who is not vegetarian or vegan?

Would you not have sex with him or her?
Would you not kiss him or her?
Would you not even date him or her?

Do you have any stories to share about finding yourself in any of the above situations, and any advice on how others should handle them?

Would you not do anything sexual with them? (I won’t get graphic here in case Victorian school teachers or minors are lurking around)

If you met someone you like, but they are not vegetarian or vegan, how would you let them know how you are, and what options would you offer them if the relationship is to progress?

Oh, and what are your thoughts on using — or not using — vegan sex toys?

If anyone is willing to appear on camera for this documentary, please let me know.

No. i think the whole concept is a bit ridiculous myself. However i would not be able to and could not force myself to like somebody whom eats the corpses of dead animals, calls it adequate nutrition and doesn’t understand the fundamentals of animal rights.

I think having a diet is a personal choice…if I choose to be vegan I should try to impose that on my partner as well.Yes I could go ahead having sex in spite of the diet differences anyway.

I can have sex with someone that is not vegan. But I am much more sympathetic to vegans. :wink:

I agree, veggirl21! Well, having sex is different to having a realtionship with someone… I used to hate kissing guys in bars because they always tasted of steak or fried chicken or burger fat :puke: Living with an omni isn’t so bad, so long as he eats meat that doesn’t smell - I’ve had to hide upstairs if he fries steak :laughing:

I see where you’re coming from, but it is hard to find other vegetarians… I do know a few vegetarian guys, but they don’t seem to be interested in typical veggie girls! It’s like opposites attract? Do you find partners at vegetarian cafes, or “convert” people who you like?

WTF? Are there non-vegan sex toys :astonished:

no what i meant was the term “vegansexual”, it seems to paint vegans in a bad light, a poorly thought out silly buzzword. still the thought repulses me. i would not date a non-vegan, ever. i could never look him/her in the eyes and realize that there was something there.

Hello Guys, my name is jasmine…

I’m having a problem there, with having sex with non-vegetable/fungi eating folk. My girlfriend/wife are separated now because she wanted to eat the general swine diet in vogue, without question. Our relationship before the separation was swine, as she snuck off to eat swine, and, our animist yinyang physics were increasingly swine (Ha! I ate pork all week, and, you didn’t know it! … Is that why I felt faggot/eunuched all week? We had a swine fight…).

I was getting increasingly stricter vegan, as she complained, and aquiesed to lacto-ovo veg, at best. I/we would tend to end up sloppy drunk, when I happened to ingest non-vegan meat. She would bait me to eat some carnivore, as we met when I was on a reduced carnivore-going vegetarian diet, so we would go drink. It was a lesson I had well studied before we met. I would end up sick drunk with my friends, and then crawl off and become the Lone Ve to get back to my good senses.

Now, when I have sex with a non-vegan, I tend to end up in the ‘wolf’, and…drink without eating for days/weeks/eternities on end, until I’m somewhat clean of the matter, and then end up on the cross in DTs, forever, it seems, which is not pleasant.

I been dating another carnivore some since the separation. She has been somewhat vegetarian-oriented in the past, and, eats close to vegan with me, but going strictly vegan forever seems against her religion, so the relationship will just be friends, perhaps. We kiss, but I’ve been ending up on the drunk trip with her in the sexual arena, which was happening with girlfriend above also. I don’t tend to like to drink a lot when I haven’t ingested non-vegan. Perhaps its time to get strict on species development.

I think having sex with a someone who is not vegan is fine… It’s his personal choice… Having sex with him doesn’t lessen your being as a vegan… I think… :compress: